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tv   Erik Wasson Discusses Short- Term Spending Measure  CSPAN  April 27, 2017 10:22pm-10:31pm EDT

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separate, especially not in a room like this that we cannot separate what is good for the environment and what is good for the economy we need to draw on them both together. that means looking at new ways of doing things in a responsible, thoughtful way. that is exactly what this leadership on climate change is about. it's about respecting the provinces capacity to innovate, encouraging what saskatchewan is doing run carbon sequestration which is of promising technology. also respecting the fact that people can make decisions that are better for the environment and better for the bottom line and enhance that advantage for the bottom line. that's a putting a price on carbon is about. it's about building a better future both for the environment and for the jobs that our kids and grandkids will have.
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thank you very much. >> eric watson covers news from bloomberg, typical of these situations that congress gets into they need to buy a little more time before friday midnight deadline for the budget. they have a short-term measure spending, how long is it was in that measure? >> the short-term spending bill would last through may 5. it has one additional provision which would extend retirement minors healthcare benefits which was extended in the last stopgap measure. other than that it is relatively free of extraneous provisions. >> on the broader measure for the rest of 2710 the issue of bloomberg said they put final
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touches on a bill to avoid a government shutdown. what compromises have been reached so far in this bill? >> the other compromises is spending for the defense budget. democrats have talked about an increase with the defense also been an increase to domestic agencies. in this case it looks like they will agree to $15 billion in additional war funding for the pentagon without a matching fund. they have some very specific acts. they're looking at bailing out puerto rico's medicaid program, the program in puerto rico requires about $900 million in order to function through the middle of next year. procedure has focused on user and twitter saying the democrats are attempting to shut down the government over the issue. we understand there could be a compromise to provide some of the money. it's with a bill that would seek
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to help puerto rico escape its debt crisis. part of that would allow puerto rico to declare bankruptcy. that might be an issue in the talks that are ongoing and holding up final completion of the talk. >> are there any other issues that could prove difficult next week assuming they pass this one week measure? >> a lot of smaller items. the border security, the border wall was the biggest problem. republicans are still seeking to have additional border security money in the measure. democrats want to limit the ability of the department of homeland security to deport dreamers or other undocumented immigrants. republicans are resisting it. their skirmishes going on behind the scene with the border security money. additionally nancy pelosi came out today and said there about 70 poison pill riders of the bell democrats are trying to get out. this affects many elements with financial markets such as the fiduciary rule.
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they put that in place to regulate retirement advice from financial advisors. the trump administration is moving already to eviscerate that rule. uppers of congress want to speed the process up. >> back to the short-term piece. you write that a number of democrats say they are not going to vote for the short-term measure if republicans are planning to go ahead with their latest revised healthcare measure. >> it could carry some weight. the last cr saw 33 republicans vote against it and ten democrats were needed to get that through. however, there is a dispute in december, some conservatives wanted to complete the spending bill immediately. others have problems with the spending level. at this point most of the republican sources i talked to say republicans could on their own pass a one-week cr.
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as much as they would like to influence the health care debate, the driver of that is whether or not paul ryan can round up the votes for the healthcare bill. if that does happen you can see will come together very quickly. >> assuming short-term measure passes, the one week measure and then the spending bill for the rest of 2017, how does the debate so far shape up the budget talks for 2018 preparations? >> that's a good question. the 2018 budget right now we are waiting for the administration to release their full budget request. it's coming in late may. i am black, the house budget committee chairman is working on her own budget resolution she says they're aiming to get to balance within ten years. they'll have to be a lot of deep spending cuts to make that happen. president tropez proposal tax changes added up to trillion dollars over ten years. you'll look at deep spending cuts. it remains to be seen exactly where they'll come out on the top line number.
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if it's anywhere near the $54 billion in cuts that president trump has already propose, that will be difficult to get through congress because democrats would not be able to support that. >> a dail you write a daily budt newsletter for bloomberg, follow him on twitter. thank you for the update. >> c-span's "washington journal", live every day with news and policy issues that impact too. coming up on friday morning, oklahoma republican congressman and appropriations and budget committee member tom cole on the new gop proposal to replace the affordable care act. then oregon democratic congressman a ways and means health on his proposed legislation that would amend the process by which presidents are removed from office. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal", live at 7:00 a.m. on friday morning. during the discussion.
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